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The protection’s system SECURE TANK comes from the need to protect tanks from subtraction of fuel and vandalism. The product works on sensitive parts of the tanks (valves, vents, boxes, etc...), causing an immediate alarm. The system is easy to install and highly secure.

The SECURE TANK’s system is based on fiber-optic technology that is passed through special bolts that are fixed on the parts to be protected, so that any attempt to remove it generate the activation of the alarm system. The fiber optic is durable, does not age, does not rust and can not be bypass the signal to elude the system. A diameter of only 2.8 and a high flexibility make it extremely malleable, but resistant, thanks to the internal lining in Kevlar.

The functioning is extremely simple: the system is self setting and once the installation is finished and activated, the device generates and analyzes the light which is sent inside the optical fiber’s ring for the whole length that protects the copper cables, detects the variation of the frequency of the light pulses (sent from the transmitter to the receiver) due to cutting, tearing or bending of the cable inserted in the special bolt and immediately start the alarm.

Installation requires no special tools: just fix the fiber in the appropriate metal bolts. The maintenance of the system is, therefore, very quick and convenient: when the system is disconnected you can remove the fiber from the bolts and do the necessary maintenance (checks, fills, levies, etc ...).

The SECURE TANK’s system is delivered in already assembled kit and has the possibility to be integrated with different sensors and GSM communications.



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