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ETER VPX - Multiapplication

The system VPX is an analysis board that can detect the deformation of a fiber optic cable.
The control board ETER VPX analyzes the flow of light passing through the fiber optic cable connected to it and detects the changes with respect to the initial state of rest.
Any variation detected generates an alarm and the consequent closure of the contact relay provided in output from the board.
The fiber optic cable is connected to the board via two ST connectors plug, connected to the receiver and transmitter present on VPX.
The VPX board can support a maximum cable length of 1km., possibly  composed of several sections (maximum 4) joined with special bushings.

VPX is powered by 12Vdc to 24Vdc and is complete with multi-color LED indicator that provides useful information on the correct operation of the product and the status of the optical fiber.
Output provides a clean changeover relay to signal the alarm.
It is a clean contact connectable in input to the area of any one alarm panel.
VPX card is supplied in metal housing with DIN rail attachment.
The VPX system is used in a variety of applications: motion control landslides,
anti-theft equipment and material in construction, anti-theft for mobile vehicles, anti-theft perimeter.

Operation mode
To activate the VPX system, you must:
- connect the fiber connectors on both TX and RX
- provide power
- wait for the acquisition of the parameters of optical fiber and the stabilization of the system

Multi-colored LED indications:
BLUE = acquisition parameters fiber in progress. Duration 2 seconds.
GREEN = system ready
RED = interrupted fiber
Indications White LED: On = Alarm.
During the acquisition parameters of the fiber (status LED BLUE), the relay is in alarm. After about two
seconds, the status LED should turn green and the white LED alarm should go off.
The fiber optic cable must be laid around the object to be protected, possibly inserting it in moving parts (for example wheels) through the passages available, as a virtual electronic lock, so that the removal or displacement of the object protected by the position of quiet generate a deformation (bending) of the fiber
optic cable.
The minimum diameter of curvature of the cable laid must be of 3/4 cm., and it is possible to fix the cable with cable ties let loose, with two-component resin to prevent accidental detachment, nuts or shaped metallic hooks: in any case the method of fixing of the cable and left to the discretion of the installer.
It 's very important to lay the fiber without right angles or crushing, in order to avoid bottlenecks in the cable that may generate false alarms.
In applications of the anti-theft perimeter fiber optic cable system VPX is fixed on the fence by one or more steps, with clamps not too tight.
The bending of the cable caused by attempts to climb over the fence or breaking generates the alarm.
For the control of landslides the fiber optic cable system VPX is laid and fixed between two fixed points on either side of the front landslide: each major variation of the front generates a bending of the cable and a consequent
alarm, which is transmitted via the GSM dialer control center of the territory.

Technical features

  • Power supply: 12Vdc
  • Abs.: 100mA max (relay ON)
  • Out Alarm: clean relay changeover
  • Operating temperature: -20° +60 °C
  • Operating humidity: 70%
  • Size (with connectors): 63mm.(L) x 100mm.(A) x 40mm.(P)


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