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The ETER VPX board is supplied in an aluminium wrapper and can be applied in electric panels with DIN bar fixing.
It is powered with 12 to 24V dc and has multi-coloured LEDs which provide visual indications about system operation and the status of the optical fibre.
The alarm indication is generated by means of a relay
potential-free contact (C, NO, NC): this makes the system compatible with any alarm control unit.


The VPX system is an effective and economical alarm system for photovoltaic panels, easy to install and extremely secure.
The VPX system is based on technology using glass optical fibres laid in loops which join the solar panels to each other.
Glass optical fibre is strong, does not age, does not rust, and its signal cannot be bypassed to get around the system.
A diameter of just 2.8 mm and a high degree of flexibility make it extremely malleable, yet strong thanks to the Kevlar inner coating.
It can be used in the same ducts as the electric cables.


Operation is extremely simple: the system is self-calibrating.
Once installation is complete and the system is activated, the device generates and analyses the light which is sent inside the optical fibre ring along the entire length protecting the panels.
It detects the variation in the frequency of the train of light pulses sent by the transmitter to the receiver, due to cutting, ripping or bending of the cable and immediately produces an alarm indication.
Each board or unit can manage up to 1 km of optical fibre.
This important feature allows us to protect hundreds of panels and consequently large photovoltaic fields.


Installation does not require special tools: simply fix the fibre to the panel using glue, resin, adhesive or appropriate metal bolts, which you will find in the price list.
Therefore, plant maintenance is very quick and easy.
It is important to lay the optical fibre cable correctly on the panels: fix the cable carefully using glue, resins, adhesives or appropriate metal bolts, to prevent accidental detachment.

Technical Specifications

Features Technical parameters
Power supply 12V dc
  Current draw max. 100mA (with relay
Outputs Alarm: potential-free contact relay
Operating temperature - 20 °C + 60 °C
Environment humidity RH 70%
Dimensions (with
63mm(L) x 100mm(A) x 40mm(P)

Designed and made in Italy  

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