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BioEntry W combines the benefits of an IP control System with the hightest level of security provided by fingerprints biometric.

With its tough to forcing, IP65, BioEntry W is ideal for installation, providing an exceptional durability, even in harsh environments. Through the large communication interface and the PoE ability, BioEntry W is the best access control fingerprints device for outside.


Fast and accurate fingerprint identification

  • Award winning fingerprint algorithm (No.1 in FVC2004 & FVC2006)
  • 1:2000 fingerprint identification in 1 second

Easy installation and connectivity

  • Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication
  • Wiegand output configurable up to 64 bits
  • Internal relay for direct lock interface

Easy operation and management

  • Built-in RF card reader for different user authentication modes (fingerprint and/or card)
  • Easy-to-use PC software for access control and time attendance
  • Optional standalone user management using command cards
  • Template on card to store fingerprint date on a smart card

Slim and elegant design

  • Slim design for installation on a door frame
  • Multi-color LED and multi-tone buzzer for intuitive user interface

Full access control features

  • 128 access groups and 128 time schedules
  • Anti-passback door zones supporting 32 readers
  • Tamper switch and duress finger option

External relay unit

  • Secure door control and I/O expansion


  • CPU: 400MHz DSP
  • Memory: 4MB flash + 8MB RAM
  • Fingerprint sensor: 500 dpi optical sensor
  • Identification speed: 2.000 match in 1 second
  • Fingerprint capacity: 10.000 templates (5.000 users))
  • Log capacity: 50.000 events
  • RF card: Proximity(125kHz EM), Mifare (13.56MHz)
  • Operation modes: Fingerprint, RF card, RF card + Fingerprint
  • Network interface: TCP/IP, RS485
  • Wiegand output: Configurable up to 64 bits
  • TTL I/O: 2 inputs for exit switch and door sensor
  • Internal relay: Deadbolt,EM lock,door strike,automatic door.
  • Sound and interface: Multi-color LED and multi-tone buzzer
  • Operating voltage: 12VDC
  • Size: 50 x 160 x 37mm (W x H x D)

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