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A LR307USB is a device with 24 relay outputs. It is connected to a PC computer and gets commands from Guard software. Each relay can represent different type of alarm on AN307COM boards. Relay function is programmed from Gard software. Build in watch dog takes care of hardware or software failures. Up to eight LR307USB devices can be connected to one Guard software.
Working temperature: from -10C to +60C
Supply voltage: from USB
Dimensions: 210 mm x 85 mm x 60 mm
USB terminal for communication with Guard software and power supply
Relays output: 24-x (each output has two terminals)
Max relay current: 100 mA DC
Max relay open voltage: 30V
Relays protection: with 600W transient voltage suppressors
Additional resistor 1 kohm for each relay in serial (can be bricked)
Two additional auxiliary inputs
Up to eight LR307USB can be connected to one Guard software

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