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Eter Biometric Technologies

Eter Biometric Technologies

Biometric technologies offer a new dimension to security systems.

The verification is based on the effective recognition of the person and not the instruments (keys, badges, etc..) Or information (passwords, combinations, etc..) That the person knows or exhibits.

The ID3D is the recognizer that uses biometric hand geometry analysis as unique and characteristic of the person to operate a verification of identity.

96 significant features of the hand are acquired during recording from a digital camera, processed by the microprocessor and then compressed, the resulting model is stored as a reference code.


  • The instrument can operate as a standalone unit for the control of a gap, or Slave inserted in a network of ID3D managed by a master unit or a PC. Available communication protocol, DLL and control software HandNet lit.
  • In any case, the ID3D provides control of the gate and I / O auxiliary signals and alarms.
  • In Slave configuration, up to 32 units can be connected to a Master or PC on line 2-wire or 4-wire RS-485 RS-422.
  • The ID3D can be used in emulation card readers (Wiegand or Mag Stripe) transmitting to the central unit of the system information on the local transaction.
  • User code can be inserted nell'ID3D keypad or card reader connected to it (Wiegand or Mag-stripe).
  • There are codes and causal transit systems for detection of Attendance.

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