Eter Access Control Systems

Eter Access Control Systems

Eter Biometric is a leading provider of global security solutions, based on advanced access control and alarm monitoring. Countless doors are controlled by our systems. The solutions Eter Biometric cover all types of installations: sites are used in low budget as well as in complex multi-site of maximum safety.

Biometric products Eter are all CE certified and RoHS compliant about the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Biometric Eter is committed to maintaining the highest industry standards, protection and preservation of the environment in particular.

Comprehensive security solution

In the security market in constant evolution, Eter Biometric faces the challenge of integrating a growing number of increasingly complex sectors that revolve around the safety of persons and buildings.

Our company offers integration of access control, alarm management, Time Attendance, CCTV, intelligent video analytics, biometrics, also provides countless opportunities for further integration with various third-party software in the fields of BMS, Fire, LPR, via APIs, or OPC server Modbus IP.

Security managers who are looking for powerful systems user-friendly integrated security will find that our solutions integrate easily into all areas of security. In addition, the unique platform, which includes software and hardware, takes into account the uniqueness of each installation and is oriented to the development of technology is constantly evolving.

Traditional areas of access control and alarm monitoring are the heart of the system, but works with Eter Biometric security specialists who are committed to providing the latest technology, and with distributors and system integrators who specify the requirements of complex installation.

Eter Access Control Systems

Amadeus 5 Software

Amadeus 5 is a powerful yet simple access control software and on-line monitoring for large and small installations, for all levels of security: software fits thanks to the different available modules.
Equipped with sophisticated functionality fits perfectly with the strict safety requirements and high relocation of multi-site installations with hundreds of thousands of users.
Dotato di funzionalità sofisticate si adatta perfettamente ai severi requisiti di sicurezza ed alta delocalizzazione di impianti multi-sito con diverse centinaia di migliaia di utenti.
For systems of small size, Amadeus 5 Light, the limited version of Amadeus 5 combines the cost effectiveness, ease of use and powerful performance.

Amadeus 5 allows the integration of an almost unlimited number of ports, power stations, cardholders, readers, alarms controlled outputs, video servers, operators, access groups and security levels.

The user-friendly software is easy to configure and use, with default parameters for a quick installation, definition of automatic actions, as well as a tour of customization report. For full real-time alarms, the operations cardholder and events there is a window of active alarms, an event log, diagnostic pages and the definition of interactive maps.

Amadeus 5 is packed with standard features, in order to provide the fastest return on investment, and can easily be expanded with optional modules that fit customer needs evolving.

The very powerful communication environment allows redundant communication, alarm events, the encryption of communications for emergency operations and routine, through the second bus optional controllers. The software Amadeus ease of integration with third-party products through API, OPC server, Modbus, IP protocol, used for the export of alarms and events, building automation systems, process control software or human resources management.

Amadeus 5 is based on key cryptography communication 32-bit, with database mirroring, redundant architecture of DB, data storage and back-up and exchange data bi-directional.

Amadeus 5 is compatible with: Windows © Vista e 7, Windows Server 2003 © e 2008, Windows © 2000-PRO, Windows © XP-PRO, MS © SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008.

Amadeus 5 is compatible with

Eter Access Control Systems

For your best to cover all security requirements in a flexible manner, Amadeus is organized into five modules. They are classified according to the access control, alarm monitoring, presence detection and the possibility of integration.

Advanced Access Control

Amadeus 5 offers a very wide variety of features that include access groups, programs on daily and weekly time slot, leave management, access policies according to the zones (the criteria are always allowed access, access to card, PIN, Card + PIN, card or PIN) management, parking, lift, security levels, management interlock, exit button, with accompanying escort, anti-passback local, global, timer, etc. ...

The system supports the most popular technologies, such as proximity card, magnetic card ISO track 1 and 2, interface with programmable Wiegand, Clock & Data ABA, barcode 39, Interleave, Mifare smart cards and biometrics. Specific technologies of measurement can be developed and integrated on request. The confirmation function room offers the possibility to a supervisor to approve the configuration changes performed by users before they are implemented by the system.


Amadeus 5 software is an effective multi-user: multiple users can work on multiple workstations with this form. Each user receives the appropriate permissions that allow the performance of its specific tasks. Amadeus 5 uses software developed by Spread Concepts LLC for implementation in the Spread toolkit © (for more information about Spread see


The report user-friendly wizard allows you to create and edit custom reports. The step by step guide for users allows the selection of reports and data visualization, the search filter and the organization of the same. The configuration options are varied and adaptable to novice users as well as for advanced users.

Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported.

Eter Access Control Systems


The module allows simple control of parking capacity cars. Cars belonging to a company is granted access as long as the assigned spaces are not fully occupied. For each car park is displayed a count of the number of lots available in real time. The movement of vehicles within each area of the parking lot can be followed in a dedicated screen. A message can be triggered when the maximum capacity of the parking has been reached.


The monitoring module enables you to control the guards supervisory circuit reaches a predefined checkpoints within certain deadlines. The arrival at a control point is notified by reading badge or activation of an input. If you arrive in a place has not been validated in time, the system automatically triggers a default process, informing the security personnel. Several patrols can be defined in parallel. The status of the service is available in real-time guard in the register, reports and in a dedicated screen.


The module allows you to control the elevators to the upper floors. The cardholder presents his badge to the reader mounted inside the cabin lift. Only planes buttons associated with the user profile will be activated. Each controller can manage up to 64 different levels. In the case of properties shared by different companies each specific program only allows the selection of plans assigned to the respective company and those for common areas (entrance, parking, restaurant ...).

Create and print badges

Using the graphics module of Amadeus 5 badge can be easily created, designed, edited and printed with a special badge custom badge printer. The professional tool Active Reports ® helps the user to move or add the fields on the badge layout, changing the background color, inserting logos and images. Different models of custom badge can be stored simultaneously in the same database.

Eter Access Control Systems


This module addresses the needs of large corporations. Each site is run individually, while at the same time, the central control of the access control system is easy to apply. The autonomy of the sites is guaranteed. Each site runs its own security system separately, is managed and queried independently communicates with its controller, and it works with or without communication with the central server.

The central database continually updates the database for each site independently. When a site changes its database, the central server is automatically informed of the changes. Only the relevant parts of the database are replicated at each site. In case of failure of communication, the system is able to update the database changes that had occurred during the system fault.

The multi-site works with or without multi-polling. Configurations in multi-polling, the data is automatically transmitted to the server locally, providing an advantage in case of communication error. If there is the danger of system errors is possible to implement the multi-site without multi-polling, allowing the realization of an infrastructure lighter.

Eter Access Control Systems

Import database

This function allows you to import new users cardholders and modifications of existing from external databases that are usually managed by the human resources department.

The data Amadeus 5 can be automatically synchronized with the external database. Amadeus 5 simplifies the import of the information to be filtered in an intelligent manner: only the part of the data base relevant to the access control can be taken into account.

With a SQL query, you can define the fields to be imported from the external database, even if the labels of the corresponding fields differ between the two databases.

To ease the process of importing profiles from databases are provided two filters (HRAccess and HrExcel). Advanced users can create profiles of import through the development of DSN (Data Source Name) from the wizard automatically ODBC: all table formats can be adjusted to Amadeus 5. The software uses the standard tool ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity), thus all ODBC-compliant databases (MS-SQL, Oracle, MS-Access, MS-Excel, CSV, etc.) can be easily transferred to Amadeus 5.

Amadeus 5 also can create, edit and delete card holders via a web interface to receive an HTTP command from the external application.

SQL database

This module provides support through the powerful tool of MS SQL, with the flexibility and robustness needed for larger applications in terms of user card holders, protected ports and workstations, opening up possibilities far beyond the capabilities of the Access database default Amadeus 5.

The needs of multi-site installations and multi-server modules require SQL Server software and MS-SQL. Amadeus 5 is compatible with MS-SQL software 2000, 2005 and 2008.

Eter Access Control Systems


Amadeus 5 provides an advanced solution for monitoring attendance, through the creation of comprehensive reports very user friendly.

The form T + facilitates the calculation of payroll, through the export of a wide range of reports. The calculation time of employees takes into account the time intervals of pause and delays. The module enables the implementation of a system with fixed working hours and flexible. The completion of any information missing stamp can be added manually.

The form T + facilitates the calculation of payroll, through the export of a wide range of reports. The calculation time of employees takes into account the time intervals of pause and delays. The module enables the implementation of a system with fixed working hours and flexible. The completion of any information missing stamp can be added manually.

Reports can be exported to other common export formats (text, Excel, etc ...).

Eter Access Control Systems

Alarm monitoring


The alarm module is provided for detecting the alarms and the management intrusion. The activation and deactivation of alarms can be done at weekly or manually creating actions, processes and global reflections are easily implemented using this form.

Amadeus 5 is interfaced to an extensive list of alarm systems (Honeywell Galaxy, Aritech, Bosch, Siemens, etc.) and fire detection systems (Notifier, Aritech, Bosch, Siemens, Tyco, etc. ...), and many others.

Alarm Zone

All the inputs connected to protective devices within a particular area (motion detectors, contacts to open doors and windows, and any other type of sensor) are grouped togEter in one area. This area can be turned on or off according to a timetable or through a single command.


Reflections The system can trigger automatic reactions sophisticated (reflections) in response to special circumstances (access, alarm, scheduled events). The wide range of responses include sending e-mail, printing reports, viewing movies recorded by video surveillance, playing sounds, opening screens, entry areas, increase of counters, output activation, etc...

Eter Access Control Systems

Graph Alarm

Through the module Graphic +, the whole system can be presented graphically in various maps. A basic library of graphic symbols is included with the software module and others can easily be created or imported.

The module G+ offers maximum safety:

The doors are shown in a dynamic way with the update of the symbol based on the state of the door (open, closed, locked, in alarm, etc. ...).

The alarm symbols are updated according to the state of the alarm (alarm, acknowledged alarm, etc ...) A "double click" on any symbol defines the vision of an image associated with the activation of the alarm or action. Zoom in on a map or move from one map to another is easy.

The animated graphic symbols show whEter areas or maps are on the alert, if the controllers communicate the status of inputs and outputs. The network diagrams are created automatically, can be modified by users, and help to diagnose the status of the network controller.

The search function allows users to find symbols on the maps.

Eter Access Control Systems


OPC - Modbus IP - API

Responding to the need for global security solutions from a single interface, Eter has partnered with some of the leading developers of monitoring software (SCADA), management systems (BMS) software or human resources management. Amadeus 5 communicates with external applications through APIs, or Modbus OPC server IP.

The external application can receive on-line information and events from Amadeus 5 and act on the access control system through the creation or deletion of cards, port management, outputs and alarm states, the execution of actions and processes existing , the log-in, download the configuration to the controller, and several related actions.

The list goes on and evolution of integrated applications includes:

  • Sky - Walker, Entelec - OPC, API
  • Fortis, Magal - OPC
  • Axeda Wizcon Systems - Wizcon
  • Telemaque, Safeware - API
  • Contactless Data, Islog - API
  • PCView, Square Systems - IP Modbus
  • and many others soon to be realized.


Eter Access Control Systems

Thanks to the CCTV module Amadeus 5 is able to retrieve the data from the cameras and DVRs and display.

The user defines the DVR and cameras assigned to it, so it is possible to configure, manage, administer and view live or recorded video from any camera on any connected workstation. Alarm events or specific time schedules can automatically activate the camera. For instance, the live is automatically displayed on the screen of a control when a person enters a prohibited area. The recorded video is easily retrievable by clicking the camera icon.

Many DVRs are already integrated in Amadeus 5: Dedicated Micros, GEUTEBRÜCK, Hikvision, Baxall, Digital Video Sicherheit, Pelco, Dahua, Geovision and POS-Watch, the other makes of DVR will soon be integrated.

The powerful management software OnSSI IP-Based has been integrated into Amadeus 5. OnSSI supports more than 150 IP cameras and encoders, as well as all popular video formats and eliminates the need for traditional hardware. Through third-party software, Amadeus 5 is linked to an extensive list of video systems (Bosch, Cieffe, GE, Hitachi, JVC, Nice, Panasonic, Siemens, Vicon, etc ...) and IP cameras (Axis, JVC, Nobotix, Sony, etc.).


To provide a high level of biometric security without compromising the convenience of use by the user, Amadeus integrates offers a range of biometric readers based on the technology Bioscrypt ©. Amadeus 5 offers a simple approach to the management of biometric template (recording and distribution) and reader configuration, without the need for external software. From the point of view of the software, the fingerprint management is similar to the management of other types of badges.

ETER BIOMETRIC 4 presents biometric readers:

V-Flex is ideal for using only fingerprint recognition, the V-Flex adds a layer of biometric security to an existing external Wiegand reader or a keyboard. The fingerprint reader offers improved independent optimal protection without having to re-issue cards or replace existing readers. It has a capacity of 6,000 users.

V-Flex P: this solution to double factor identification combines a fingerprint reader autonomous and a proximity reader in a single system. It has a capacity of 6,000 users.

V-Flex S: is a fingerprint reader combined with an external smart card reader MIFARE. The fingerprint template is stored securely on the smart card user, in accordance with the specifications imposed by the Privacy.

Eter Access Control Systems

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